ME, only better.





This week is smashed full of awesome. i got important stuffs done, got downright crazy surprised, lefty things turned out right - which let me sit pretty in the sunshine-most of my evenings, drinking fresh milk and eating my piaya with my feet up and Maggie Q of Nikita as my DVD marathon companion.



Honestly, i did not expect for everything to come together so well. I'm past the uneasy days. My nights turned dark and chiiiing! - all was well with my world. Thank you God.



I had flipping heavy moments. Moments of wondering how to shake off the dull days. For some reason I have thought that the life of faith is a life free from troubles. But then it dawned on me AGAIN that the life of faith is a life overcoming troubles.



I would love to qoute 1 John 5:4  "for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith."



Faith brings us victory. But with every victory, there has to be a battle.



Trials are meant to test our FAITH. We resist trials by standing firm in our Faith. The bible tells that faith is a shield...a shield that protects us from the arrows of the enemy. God wants us to get rid of our trials. Trials may come, but they are not to stay. 



I used to believe that troubles and trials automatically make me stronger, then i realize i was sorely deceived. Trials come to test my faith. This means that trials BATTLE my faith. And if my faith is not fighting back, I am not winning. And if i'm not winning, i'm not becoming stronger.





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